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"Symptoms are our friend.  It's our bodies way of communicating with us.


They give us clues"

Meet Claire


I found Systematic Kinesiology by becoming severely unwell with an inner ear disorder several years ago. 


“Symptoms are our friend. It’s our bodies way of communicating with us, they give us clues to the root cause of what your body is experiencing”.

What is Systematic Kinesiology?


Systematic Kinesiology is a dynamic therapy that has a tool-box of multiple techniques to elevate you to a new level of wellness.

Nutrition is a important factor for many of us and that is why I have also trained as a Nutritional Therapist and in the process of achieving my Health Coaching Award.

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Watch out for updates such as workshops I attend, new recipes that I try out and what I find works for me

Systematic Kinesiology & Nutritional Therapy

I have found that nutritional therapy and kinesiology complement each other very well. Offering both enables me to:

  • Pinpoint with better accuracy the underlying causes of ill health

  • offer practical nutritional guidance as well as a hands-on and relaxing therapy

  • Find out if there are any organs or systems that need support

Please note, although I offer both nutritional therapy and kinesiology, kinesiology is an entirely separate discipline to nutritional therapy.

In April 2019, I joined the

RJ Clinic Team

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