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Do you need a PT to get back into training?

Now, we all start off with the intention of setting new years resolutions or goals for the year and that’s absolutely fine, but, how do we action them without overwhelming ourselves?

The answer for me, its easy…… We go back to basics! I don’t put in timeframes to add pressure or making myself feel overwhelmed. I work within my body’s capability and I reach out for help if and when I need it.

And that is what I have done with my Christmas present from Mr Kinesio. My PT classes to help shape my rebuild and to refocus but most importantly, hold me accountable.

For me, personally, I had a misconception of a Personal Trainer. Back in the day, I thought they were for the rich and famous. A status thing! Hey look at me, I'm working out...... Well, I'm not a celebrity SHOCK but I have changed my mind about what it means to have a personal trainer.

To talk about self care is one thing, but to actually action it and own it, is another. Understanding the importance of self care is something that we all need to do since the pandemic started. Because if we don't get our shit together, how do we expect to be the best versions of ourselves.

So that first Monday came…. leggings on, water bottle filled up and off I went in my hardly worn Metcon Nike trainers with my one goal of doing at least one pull up.

I don’t think I was quite ready for what Emma incorporates into her PT sessions. In the lead up to my first session, I received notifications of signing into an app where I could link my fitbit (also option of other health devices including apple etc) and to log my food (could be through fitness pal, fitbit or I think you can log direct on the app Emma uses)

There I was thinking "well…… its just an hour of exercise and some homework of doing some home workouts" but that might be enough for me to enjoy exercise again, tailor to my needs and crack on…..

Well............. 6 weeks in and its not like that at all. I'm working out 3 times a week, I'm back to lifting weights pre-anameia fatigue, I'm eating around 1800 - 2000 calories a day. Emma brought my attention to the fact that I don't eat much protein and we have worked on this area to increase in diet to refuel. My mind that was previously filled with overwhelm and anxiety has turned into my drive to get sh*t done, refocus, regroup and better boundaries. Having exercise back in my life, being accountable to someone has made a world of difference. Its bringing awareness to habits I have, identifying where I need help but also making me accountable to someone else!

"Its bringing awareness to habits I have, identifying where I need help but also making me accountable to someone else!"

Never assume that you have nothing else to learn. Making this assumption means you limit your own beliefs. Whatever your profession or knowledge, there is always a lesson to be learnt and there are always others to learn from.

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