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Do you need an intro into my weird and wacky life?

Its no great secret that for the last couple of years have been challenging and I haven’t been in tip top shape. My anaemia took over my life where it was affecting everything I was doing. Stress was also a huge factor for 2021 with COVID still being around and another 3 months homeschooling.

I fell back into being dizzy a lot of the time. I had no energy and new symptoms were appearing. Visual disturbances, heart palpitations, tight chest and a burning tongue. Then I had the most horrendous tooth infection and due to COVID, I wasn't able to see a dentist for treatment of the tooth and ended up losing 2 of my back teeth. Thanks COVID!

I decided to go the medical route as I wanted answers and I had the pressure of "but what do the doctors say?" I also wanted rule out anything sinister. From smear tests to regular blood tests, to being poked and prodded in places that I thought no one would go back to after having my kids (too much info, sorry!)

In fact, I stopped most exercise at their request apart from walking the dog. My oxygen stats were appalling. In that year, I got COVID. It wasn't pleasant but I did make a full recovery after the initial 10 days.

On reflection, I feel like I have blagged the last 2 years with my own health. I had my head in the sand because I had spent the best part of a year homeschooling and I just couldn't be arsed.

This year, I have decided it is going to be different. I'm taking back control, I'm going back to exercise and I'm going to tell you how I get on haha!

I know I need to dig deeper into my own wellbeing and sort my sh*t out!

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