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"Each muscle in your body is associated with an organ.  So if a muscle is weak when tested, it is an indicator that something is imbalanced within that organ"

What is Systematic Kinesiology?


Kinesiology was discovered by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960′s. He was the first to identify that there were muscles that were not ‘locking’ or working which meant other muscles became painful and overused. Where traditional therapies focus on the painful muscle, Kinesiology identifies the root cause of the problem – the muscles that are not functioning and uses techniques to turn those muscles on.

Kinesiology uses the theory of muscle testing to discover the underlying causes contributing to health issues – be it physical, nutritional or emotional. The body clearly communicates to the practitioner what is needed.

Once the root cause is identified, we support you with Kinesiology techniques, nutritional recommendations, structural work, energy reflexes and emotional coaching to guide you back to your full health potential.

Systematic Kinesiology is a dynamic therapy that has a tool-box of multiples techniques to elevate you to a new level of wellness.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of Kinesiology sessions varies on the person, their problems and how well they follow any changes recommended to their diet and lifestyle.


Generally, people feel a significant improvement within their first one to three appointments. Once optimum health has been attained, regular appointments keep the body balanced and prevent further ill health.

How Long Are The Sessions?

The first Kinesiology appointment will take approximately 75 - 90 minutes.  Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. 


Prior to the first session, all new clients will be required to fill in a comprehensive medical history questionnaire.

What Do I Wear?

You remain fully clothed throughout the session.  Please wear trousers, leggings etc as some muscle testing requires the use of your legs.  


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